The event kicks off at 8 AM (please be there at 8 AM CST) at the Chanute Air Museum in Rantoul IL. Go around to the back side of the museum (Pacesetter Dr. NE to Senior Officer Row -this is Arends Blvd continued SE- then turn Right and park in this area near the static airplanes out side the hanger. Here is google map:

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Here is the Chanute Air Museum web site.

500 Scouts are schedule to take 2 merit badges each, a morning session kicks off at 8 AM CST (9 EST), we start with the Radio and Space Exploration Merit Badges (250 in each), then at 1 PM CST (2 EST) we have the second session, Electronics and Aviation (250 in each class). We have NASA at 8 AM doing a Video Conference and the ISS Astronauts ready at 10:54 AM.

Radio and Electronics are being taught with a Video based presentations, present, activity/worksheet, present, activity. The staff will be on hand to help/mentor the Scouts throughout the session. Each session kicks off with everyone together, then we break out into two groups of 125 each and sub groups of 25 to 42. Details below. Room assignments will be made at the begining session at the Main hanger of the Air Museum.

HAM Radio Operators that want to set up a station in the HAM Field will all meet behind the Air Museum (by the Static Outdoor Airplane display) at 8 AM shart (CST) and be escorted across the live taxi way by the Air Port Manager. We have a large field and we have power... you can set up anywhere you would like along the SW side of the sidewalk, the Map is below. PARK Behind the museum as it is closed til 10 AM you must enter from the back side.

We are giving volunteers wrist bands, so meet at the Meet here area (behind the museum) go in Grissom Hall (doors on the back side next to the museum back side). You will be find a table with greeters there to help you.

Before coming if you want to get a feel for what will be worked on, go to or click here to go directly to the Merit Badge page. Electronics and Radio are listed... remember we have a video instructor, you need to support the Scouts in completing the exercises. Electronics will be done using solderless breadboard technique, Radio MB requires a 10 minute QSO...

Click here for a Detailed Schedule of the Radio and Electronics Merit Badge Rotation

Click here for the room map

Click here to see the circuit we will be wiring up using a solderless breadboard, if you haven't used a solderless breadboard consider watching this youtube video... and this